A great range of composite toe cap and metal free safety boots from top brands.

None of the boots in this section have steel toecaps. They all use plastic, and are usually referred to as composite toe caps. This is at least as strong as steel, and frequently stronger, and is still required to pass the same EU safety regulations as steel. Composite has an additional benefit over steel - should the worst happen and an accident crush...

The benefits of composite footwear don't stop there. If there is midsole protection (and there usually is) it tends to be a Kevlar fabric whereas traditional boots would have had a steel plate. The Kevlar midsole protects 100% of the sole - steel plates could not protect right up to the edge of the foot so left about 20% exposed. Composite toecaps and midsoles also have the benefit of being far lighter than steel which means the overall boot weight is reduced, increasing your comfort if you wear safety boots all day long.

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