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Legal Requirements

Protective Gloves : General Requirements EN 420 : 2003 + A1 2009
This standard defines the general requirements for glove design and construction, innocuousness, cleaning instructions, electrostatic properties, sizing, dexterity, water vapour transmission and absorption along with marking and information.

Protective Gloves Against Mechanical Risks EN388 : 2003
This standard applies to all kinds of protective gloves in respect of physical and mechanical aggressions caused by abrasion, blade cut, tearing and puncture. This standard is only applicable in conjunction with EN420 (1 being the minimum performance rating)

Protective Gloves : Mechanical Vibration and Shock EN 10819 : 1996
This European Standard specifies a method for the laboratory measurement, the data analysts and reporting of the vibration transmissibility of gloves in terms of vibration transmission from a handle to the palm of the hand in the frequency range from 31.5 Hz to 1250 Hz. The standard is intended to define a screening test for the vibration transmission through gloves.

Protective Gloves Against Thermal Risks (Heat and/or Fire) EN 407 : 2004
This standard specifies thermal performance for protective gloves against heat/or fire. The heat and flame pictogram is accompanied by a 6 digit number.

Protective Gloves for Welders EN 12477 : 2001
This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods for protective gloves for use in manual metal welding, cutting and allied processes. According to their performance, protective gloves for welders are classified into two types. 

Protective Gloves : Against Chemicals and Micro Organisms
EN 374-1: 2003
This European standard specifies the requirements for gloves to protect the user against chemicals and/or micro organisms and defines terms to be used.
EN 374 - 2 : 2003
This European Standard specifies a test method for the penetration resistance of gloves that protect against chemicals and and/or micro organisms.
EN 374 - 3 : 2003
This European Standard specifies the determination of the resistance of protective glove materials to permeation by potentially hazardous non gaseous chemicals under the condition of continuous contact.

Protective Clothing : Electrostatic Properties EN 1149 - 1 : 2006
This European Standard specifies a test method for materials intended to be used in the manufacturing of electrostatic dissipative protective clothing (or gloves) to avoid incendiary discharge. This test method is not applicable for materials to be used in the manufacturing of protection clothing or gloves against main voltages.

ESD - (Electrostatic Discharge)
ESD gloves are used to divert static electricity. Surface resistivity is tested according to methods specified in EN 1149 - 1 but test sample must meet the requirements of EN 1149 - 5.

Protective Gloves against Cold EN 511 : 2006
The European Standard specifies the requirements and test methods for gloves which protect against conductive cold down to -50 degrees Celsius. This cold can be linked to the climate conditions or an industrial activity.

Protective Gloves : For Users of Hand Held Chainsaws EN 381 - 7 : 1999
This European Standard specifies the requirements for gloves for resistance to cutting by a chainsaw when assessed by the test method described in EN 381 - 4. The requirements are also given for marking and for the provision of information to be supplied by the manufacturer including criteria for the selection of appropriate gloves and instructions for use.