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Bodyguards GL891 Blue Nitrile Long Cuff PF Gloves (1000 units)


Bodyguards GL891 Blue Nitrile Long Cuff PF Gloves (1000 units)


Sold in full boxes of 1000 units

The GL891 Blue Nitrile Long Cuff™ is a powder-free non-sterile nitrile examination glove that has an AQL rating of 1.5 and is compliant to Medical Standard EN455 Class I.

The high quality nitrile synthetic rubber that is used to manufacture the GL891 contains none of the proteins that are present in natural rubber eliminating protein sensitisation and is powder-free, reducing the risk of product contamination.

With textured fingertips for improved grip, it is extremely soft and pliable yet still maintains a tensile strength that is comparable to natural rubber.

The long 30cm cuff provides additional protection and is beaded to enhance strength and prevent liquid roll back.

Typically used for:
• Pharmaceutical Duties
• Electronics
• Inspection
• Local Authority Work
• Hospital & Clinical Duties
• Automotive Maintenance & Repair

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