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Portwest Ignis AM21 Proximity Hood


Portwest Ignis AM21 Proximity Hood


Designed to sit comfortably and to be worn with the AM20 Proximity Coverall and the AM22 Proximity Overboots, the Proximity Hood features an inner hard cap that complies with EN397. The gold colour outer visor together with the transparent inner visor allows for excellent lateral and vertical visibility. An allowance is also made for a face mask and dispenser.

Proximity Range
Providing full body coverage including the head, hands and feet, the Proximity garments provide excellent protection from radiant heat and high temperatures. Due to the high ambient temperatures that the wearer can be subjected to, it is recommended that the Ignis Proximity suits are worn with a breathing apparatus to provide breathing air at normal temperatures. The Proximity garments, certified to EN ISO 11612, are used for aircraft rescue, aircraft firefighting and proximity of high temperatures (but not entry into direct flame).

Flame Resistant
This industry leading range provides multi standard protection for hazardous environments. These state of the art products are the result of years of experience combined with advanced technology and market research. Commitment to the health, safety and comfort of the wearer can be seen in the wide range of products suitable for all climates and end uses.

Adjustable straps
CE Certified
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